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Vlare Owner Jan DIES OF AIDS?!

Recently mister jan german guy, owner of vlare died of aids. This news has been varry sad. The story was first broken by user "Metro 3ds" today when he posed a screenshot of jan after he died of aids, along side the message "OH MY GOD JAN NO". Users of the site Vlare.tv share the emotion of sadness across the site's platform and discord.gg website. Such remarks have been made such as, "Bruh moment", "probably all of those vaccines", and "a shit do this mean vlare is dead fuck ass shit tits fuck". This day is a sad one... IF YOU WANNA SEE AN EPIC DEAD AIDS BODY CLICK >>>>>HERE<<<<

Danny Finest

In case you live in a rock, recently the vlare Minecraft vijya gaming personality, Danny is Finest, also known as "Danny", was being a poopy butt face. Everybody on vlare said "danny has double aids and probably has sex with dogs", however our news team has yet to determine if this is true or not. Most people are mad at Danny for viewbotting and that is mega lame and, like, not cool at all.